01 — Productions info
Shootings, film location, tests, visual arts, performance, exhibitions and more
The Office Studio is a high quality space where you can create uncountable to unlimited things in the most comfortable way. An open space with 200m2, large windows that let it natural light throughout the day. It’s located in a insdustrial zone with easy access.

Yo can book out both spaces together (Space 1 & Space 2 - 200m2) and convert it in whatever you need. In case that you requiere a more reduced place, you can book Space 1 (85m2) or Space 2 (115m2) separated. Each space doesn’t include the same.

02 — Events info
Workshops, meetings, corporate, rehearsals and more.
The Office Studio is the perfect place to make your events happen. A 200m2 space with natural light all day long. Amazing views to the Mediterranian sea and Collserola mountain. Also, you can pay a little extra for our kitchen extra space, a private space where the catering can be prepared privatey. The team would be happy to help you with your booking and planning everything. Reach out us!

03 — Furniture / Props rentals

Sofas, chairs, stools, tables, mirrors, plants, panós, posing cubes and more.
We have a small range of furniture and objects that you can use in your productions.
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